Our Firm

George Gilbert Advocates ("GG") is a fast growing middle tier firm of Advocates based in Nairobi. A distinguishing attribute of the firm is the pursuance of a value-adding,solution orientated service offering to its clients. George Gilbert Advocates specializes in top level Corporate and Commercial Transactions, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Public Sector and Administrative Law, Employment Law, Property Law and Conveyancing, Insolvency and Estates, Insurance Law as well as Personal Injury and Medical Negligence. The firm is guided by the following mission statement: "GG Advocates is a unique firm of empowered individuals. It is grounded by integrity, honesty and loyalty to its clients and draws strength from its unique history. We strive to create the future by providing innovative and creative solutions to our clients"

The firm’s uniqueness is borne out by the three pillars which underpins our overall approach and strategy. These include a high premium we put on LOYALTY to our Clients. Our Clients are thus our first and most important pillar of success. We also believe in offering our Clients legal health by practicing HONESTY with them. This involves understanding their business and the environment within which they operate. In this way, we are able to partner with our clients in pursuing their strategic intentions whilst assisting them in navigating the legal challenges encountered in the ordinary course of business. This honest innovative alternative to legal services offering is our second pillar of success. George Gilbert Advocates is a firm run on INTEGRITY. George Gilbert is proudly a truly Kenyan Law Firm. We have managed to achieve demographic diversity which emulates the Kenyan legal Landscape. This places us at the forefront of transformation in the legal services sector. This attribute of integrity is the third pillar and the strength in diversity we speak of in our mission statement. In light of this recognized success, we are rising and gaining more recognition as a major advisor in both the public sector, private sector, the corporate world and to individual Clients. We are able to bring a world of experience gained from our advisory role in the public sector to the corporate world and in so doing ensure that the corporate world attains and maintains legal health, given the regulatory environment in which business operates.